About Gingernino

Ginger e Nino were the unwitting inspirers of this project.

Ginger, is the pack dog. She is determined and tenacious when there is a goal to be achieved, especially when it’s tasty.

Nino would never stop running. He stops only to imagine where he still wants to go. He is the dreamer of the family.
They are mountaineers. They live in the Aosta Valley in Italy and, like me, they love the mountains.

Oh, I forgot… I am Barbara and together with Ginger and Nino I make the bracelets and accessories you can find on this website, in the workroom in Verrès (AO) and at GingerNino dealers.

Wear your passion!

The uniqueness of our products is given by the possibility of “wearing” your passions.

La Picca, for those who experience the mountains as a second home.

Le Tire-Bouchon, for those who appreciate good wine and know how to taste it consciously, savoring every nuance, even the most delicate.

Board and Ski’N, for those who love flying on snow.

La Bici, for two-wheel enthusiasts!

My Mind, for those with a mind free from conventions.

Fior di Ginger, because a touch of vanity never hurts!

Why to choose GingerNino

The originality

GINGERNINO objects are born as an aesthetic accessory and above all to give the possibility of wearing a passion through a symbol.

The Craftsmanship

Each object is craftmenship, favoring the use of high quality raw materials.

The Uniqueness

A wide variety of colors and materials for our bracelets. For resellers, we offer the possibility of personalizing with writings and logos, including the matching packaging.

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