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“Cookies” are a browser feature we use that assigns a unique identifier to your computer. Cookies are generally stored on your computer’s hard drive. We use the information collected by cookies to evaluate effectiveness, analyze trends and administer our website. We do not use cookies or any other technology described here to collect personally identifiable information. However, under local data protection laws, the data we collect may be considered “personal data”. The information collected through cookies allows us to determine data such as the most visited sections of our website and the difficulties our visitors may experience in accessing the site. This data allows us to improve the quality of the user experience on our website and to recognize and make available to the user the most popular features and information, as well as resolve access problems. Some of our cookies are set to enable you to use certain features of our website, such as tracking items in your shopping cart and allowing account holders to keep their shopping cart between visits. Furthermore, we use cookies to find out whether your computer has already been used to visit our website. We also use cookies to track checkout information while you visit our site, other than payment method information. In addition, we use cookies and/or a technology known as web bugs or clear gifs, usually contained in emails, to allow you to confirm receipt of and respond to our emails, and to ensure a more user-friendly experience. personalized while browsing our website.

Essential – are cookies that are used to carry out services specifically requested by the user and are strictly necessary for communication purposes. These are, for example, cookies used to remember the items added to the user’s cart.

Analytics – these cookies provide statistical data that allows us to provide users with a consistent experience on our website. Through the use of these types of cookies, we obtain aggregate data such as the site from which visitors come to our website, how long visitors stay on our website, which pages of our website are viewed the most, whether visitors visitors are new users or users who had visited the site previously, the sum relating to the orders and the items purchased. In addition, the data we collect using analytics cookies can tell us which version of our website you are viewing or from which country or city the website is being visited, to allow us to personalize website content depending on the geographic region from which you are visiting. users access the website. The data collected via analytical cookies is used by us to monitor and improve the functionality of our website.

Profiling and personalization – these cookies are used to track users’ interests, to provide them with offers and advertising aligned to their interests and to ensure a more personalized experience when using the website.

Advertising cookies – these cookies track which advertisements have already been seen by the user, how many visitors have clicked on the advertisement and how many orders are processed following the display of an advertisement.

For essential cookies, user consent is not required. For the use of other types of cookies described in this information, we ask for your consent. The request for consent occurs by displaying a notification when the user visits the website for the first time, when the user visits the website after deleting the cookies on his device and when we add new cookies. If the user continues to use the website after seeing the notification, it is assumed that he has consented to the use of the cookies described in this statement.

The user can withdraw his consent at any time by simply deleting all cookies on the device in use. Please note that if you delete all cookies, some parts of the website, and other websites, may not function properly. If you block all cookies on your device, some parts may stop working completely.

For more information about cookies, such as seeing what cookies have been set and how to manage or delete them, visit To find out the available cookie settings, open the “preferences” or “options” section of your browser menu.

To no longer receive cookie-based advertisements from a third-party advertising company with which we collaborate, click on the link included in the advertisement, or in this policy, and follow the opt-out instructions. We may use more than one third-party company for cookie-based advertising, so you may need to opt-out of each company via advertising links.

You can also visit representatives of these advertising companies for more information on how to opt out of these cookies: This site will be abandoned in place of a centralized management site where you can specify your preferences. However, please note that using this website does not opt out of all internet advertising and only disables adverts that are tailored to your likely interests in relation to your previous browsing activity.

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