Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil 100 ml

With multiple properties it is suitable for the skin and scalp.

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In detail...

Originally from Central Asia and especially Iran, it has been widespread and appreciated in Europe for 2000 years. Obtained from the cold pressing of sweet almonds. Rich in vitamin E and “good” fats, it is suitable for skin and scalp. Applied to the skin it is ideal for combating stretch marks, dry skin, irritation and sunburn. Applied to the face, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and can be used as a make-up remover for dry and normal skin. Applied to the hair, it hydrates and nourishes the hair, giving strength and shine to the hair, applied to the ends, it helps prevent the formation of split ends. Applied directly to the scalp it helps soothe itching and flaking resulting from irritation and dandruff.

How to use

On the face: apply a few drops to the face before going to sleep, massaging until completely absorbed.
On the body: apply to the affected skin area and massage until completely absorbed
On the hair: apply to damp hair and cover with a compress; apply to the ends of dry hair.

Contains 100ml



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